What is Fable Communications?

Everyone has a story to tell. Fable Communications can help you tell yours. Fable Communications is a comprehensive editing, copyediting, and proofreading service. We also provide research and writing services.

Fable Communications founder, Vangie Stice-Israel, started writing and editing professionally when the Ph.D. engineers she worked with asked her to proofread their academic articles. As she moved along in her career, Stice-Israel became the go-to person for research, writing, editing, copyediting, and proofreading. One colleague dubbed her The Guardian of the English Language and offered to sew up a cape and tights!

With Fable Communications, Stice-Israel brings those years of experience and her passion for language to your service across a wide range of content. A short example list includes novels, speeches, juried research papers, business reports, theses and dissertations, curriculum and textbooks, and websites.

Fable Communications has one goal: to help you tell your legendary story!