About Us

Hello! Thank you for visiting Fable Communications. Here’s a little bit about our founder.

Vangie Stice-Israel has more than 25 years of experience researching, writing, and editing. Some of that has been salaried experience where the job was editing or proofreading, but most of that time her title has been manager or director, with research, writing, and editing as some of her primary responsibilities.

Besides official duties, wherever she was working, whatever she was doing, colleagues, friends, and family asked for her help with writing, editing, research, and speech writing.

Lately, she’s graduated from CareerFoundry’s UX design certification program, so we’re adding UX/UI design and UX writing to our business.

Throughout Vangie’s experience, she’s honed crucial skills:Vangie Stice-Israel Fable Communications

  • the ability to tell a coherent and compelling story in a variety of media to a variety of audiences,
  • the ability to find and use information effectively,
  • the ability to deliver what’s promised when it’s promised, and
  • the ability to organize and carry out a project.

She has a B.A in English and an M.A. in Communication, both from Texas Tech University, and now a UX design certification from CareerFoundry. She’s spent much of her career administering statewide service- and education-oriented programs, all of which required extensive research, writing, reporting, and editing skills. Along the way, she’s also taught public speaking and business communication at the university level, in business training, and in continuing education.

In 2014, she struck out on her own as the founder of Fable Communications. Now, we’re proud to add UX/UI design and UX writing to the services we offer.

No matter what you’re doing, telling your story matters.

Fable Communications can help you tell your best story.