How it Works

Work Method

Most of the time, we provide services electronically, using Microsoft Word with changes tracked and visible to the author. We also work with PDF markups and with paper when needed. The Chicago Manual of Style is our primary style guide, but we also work with other style manuals (such as APA, Turabian, and MLA), as well as in-house style guides if our client prefers. We will work on your project over the phone or Skype, and through email.


English is often flexible enough that an author may choose among several correct ways to express a thought, punctuate a sentence, or arrange a paragraph. We believe style choices belong to the author, not the editor. The author decides whether to accept or reject the changes we recommend, using a collaborative and educational, sometimes iterative, process. The author is responsible for choosing; the editor is responsible for ensuring the author’s choice is correct.


Check out the Rates page for an explanation of how our rates work.