We typically work on a project basis, which means we’ll tell you up front what our fee is for finishing your project. We base our rates on the equivalent of a double-spaced page, 12-point font, and one-inch margins on all sides. You’ll send us a five-page sample, along with a full page count of your piece when it’s formatted to those specifications. We’ll provide a project bid based on your five-page sample.


We also typically work on a project basis for UX/UI design and UX writing. We’ll base the rate on a thorough discussion of the project and give you a quote for the finished product based on the work you’re requesting. We’ll add any work that goes beyond the agreed upon scope to the final bill.


If you prefer, though, we also work on an hourly basis. That means we’ll track the time we spend on your project and bill you based on those hours. Our hourly rate depends on the services you need.

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