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Three screenshots from the Dream Home real estate app

Dream Home is a responsive web app that provides property buyers with information about properties they’re interested in. The target audience is primarily small-scale property buyers who want to invest for additional income or financial security, typically in their mid-30s to mid-50s.

Logo and tagline for the SEEK scavenger hunt app

SEEK is a scavenger hunt app targeted to 18-40 year olds, but players may be older or younger. The mobile-first design enables players to use the app on the go.

Logo for the OwassoApp

This project was a UX review of the OwassoApp. I went through each screen of the app and provided commendations and specific recommendations for the UX and UI, as well as grammar.

The Daily UI Challenge provides an opportunity to expand UI skills by describing a UI project to create.

This project is a fun UX teardown of the Torchy’s Tacos app, conducted prior to its latest update.

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